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from Norma Millard, RN, Certified Health Coach

Summer is over, school is getting into full swing, routines are re-established. It’s time to de-brief and look at your health IQ! Remember those resolutions to eat better? Have they made a difference? What habits have you changed?

In case you haven’t considered the need to tweak a few things about your eating patterns, this is a great time to do so!

Consider this short list of easy things you can do that will make
a huge difference in how you feel and your overall health.

1 – Make a deliberate choice to eat 5 or 6 small, healthy meals a day
2 – Eat the first meal within a half hour of waking up to “prime” your body’s metabolism
3 – Balance each meal with proper amounts of protein, low glycemic carbohydrates (fruits/veggies) and moderate amounts of lower fat dairy products and whole unrefined grains.
4 – Drink plenty of water to ‘cool’ and flush your body’s systems (at least 64 ounces a day)
5 – Minimize intake of simple refined sugars, much of which is hidden in processed foods

The Key – shop the perimeter of the grocery store with a list of only what you need to make your planned healthy meals. Fresh, closest to nature is always best.

For free consultation on creating your own plan with a personal coach, please contact me at 717.314.4348


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